How do I order?
Please call Bramfield Meats on 01986 784222 and ask to speak to Shaun, Duncan or Andrew in our sales team. 

Can I come and visit to tour Bramfield Meats?
We are delighted to arrange for you to come and understand more of our operation here. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time.

How do I receive information on your cuts and joints?
Shaun Thompson in our sales team would be pleased to arrange this for you. Call 01986 784222 or email sales@bramfieldmeats.com

Where can I access price and availability information?
Please call David on 01986 784222 or email david@brammeats.co.uk

I can’t see the cuts and joints I need listed, can you order it in for me?
Going the extra mile for our customers is our aim, so please get in touch by calling 01986 784222 and we can discuss your specific needs.

How do I get samples for my butchers or shop?
It is important that existing or prospective customers have confidence in what we do, please speak to Shaun in our sales team on 01986 784222 and he  will be pleased to arrange this for you.