The Bramfield Meats name in business is synonymous with quality meat, our valued customers, whether independent butchers shops or chefs, depend on us providing the best we can for what they need at the right price. As butchery wholesalers, Bramfield Meats supplies the widest range of meats, cuts and joints to be found in the region and if we haven’t got something out-of-the-ordinary hanging in our chillers, we will happily source it for you.

Our cutting and packing services mean we can butcher meat to your specific demands and work with you on the range of cuts and joints available through us.


As grazier-farmers of our own heritage cattle herd, we understand what good beef should be. Our long-standing suppliers and responsible farmers give us the best quality cuts and beef joints and we are proud that many of them have supplied us for decades. 


The same level of husbandry and consideration goes into producing the top quality Suffolk lamb the county and the UK as a whole is known for.  The shepherds we work with understand the need for flavour and maturity in what they rear for us. 


Acknowledged as the finest in the country, Suffolk pork and from East Anglia as a whole is rightly one of our best exports. We proudly work with passionate pig farmers like the Butler family from Blythburgh Free Range and the Simonds from Scotts Field.


It is pleasing that our white meat suppliers have similar care and focus in producing really good chicken, turkey and duck, with the likes of Gressingham, Sutton Hoo, Diaper and Norfolk Quail on our doorstep.


With some of the best lowland deer in England in the woodland belts across Suffolk and Norfolk, it is natural that our stalkers and game suppliers supply us with excellent tasty venison, mostly red deer, with a choice of cuts available, fresh or frozen, depending on the time of year.

Wild Game

The vast arable estates and rural landscape surrounding us gives us a ready access to a plethora of delicious great value game meat from feather and fur, the likes of pheasant, partridge, rabbit and hare, to name just four.