– B U T C H E R Y –

The Bramfield Meats name in business is synonymous with quality meat, our valued customers, whether independent butchers shops or chefs, depend on us providing the best we can for what they need at the right price. Read more –

– S M O K E H O U S E –

Alongside our butchery for fresh meat, we have a great craft tradition at Bramfield of curing, producing our signature range of smoked meats as well as a variety of cooked produce.  Read more –

– C O N T A C T  U S –

If you are one of our valued customers or we can be of help whatsoever, please do get in touch with us.
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“Looking after our customers the caring, old-fashioned way, that’s how we like it

Richard Thickitt, Owner – Bramfield Meats


“Please do give me a call on 01986 784222 to discuss how we can help”

Shaun Thompson, Sales – Bramfield Meats