Alongside our butchery for fresh meat, we have a great craft tradition at Bramfield of curing, producing our signature range of smoked meats as well as a variety of cooked produce. So for a wide selection of hams, gammons, silverside, salt beef, ox tongue, pancetta and other delicacies, please do get in touch. We sell our smokehouse cuts as whole joints as well as pre-sliced and deli-packaged.

Smoking – our skilled smokehouse team use age-old craft and a variety of techniques and timing to suit the cuts and end products, using oak and beech chips, smoking them overnight or for longer, especially for our speciality triple-smoked produce.

Bacons –The range includes dry-cure, hand-rubbed and matured or Wiltshire-cure brined bacons available; unsmoked (green) or smoked cuts; cuts such as back, streaky, collar etc; traditional finishes or specialist cures such as our Suffolk Beer and Treacle.

Hams – These start with our own house cure, mixed from salt, sugar and secret spice blends, brined as traditional Wiltshire-cure; finished as unsmoked (green) or smoked. Honey Glaze and Beer and Treacle Cure hams. Available on the bone or boneless

Deli – As well as supplying our sliced hams, we slice and vacuum pack our own cooked turkey, leg of pork, silverside of beef, pressed ox tongue and salt beef. We also supply high quality produce we source from the best suppliers, including pork pies, black pudding, haslet, corned beef, salamis and chorizo.